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In King’s Landing, Cersei Lannister has seized the Iron Throne by incinerating her rivals in the Sept of Baelor.But as old alliances fracture and new ones emerge, an army of dead men marches on the Wall, threatening to end the game of thrones I always imagine that it must be harrowing shooting a scene like that, even though it's "pretend."Callies: It was nerve-racking, particularly when they rehearsed the scene with my stunt double, and during it she split her head open about two or three inches, blood gushing. That they're running straight through, with no break? Callies: We're pretty good friends, so we see each other socially and stuff. How far ahead did you start thinking about the beats you would want to hit?That wasn't the most relaxing thing to see right before I did it! Callies: I have heard rumors in both directions; I have no confirmation. Callies: Well, I put a lot of thought into it, but only so much of that thinking is relevant once you read the words that they've given you to say.Callies: [Chuckles] There's that saying, "I'd rather be miserable with you than miserable without you." The irony of it is that in the process of Kellerman torturing her, as all of the external things in her life are stripped away and as things come into very clear focus, it's the first and only time she's ever really allowed herself to acknowledge, "There's nothing I can do about the fact that I'm in love with this man." And now, of course, he's under the impression that I want nothing to do with him and has no idea that I'm on the brink of death.It's the constant Michael-Sara ballet of "ships passing in the night" — of him saying one thing and me hearing another. Did you get to see Michael's other little girlfriend, Nika, pining to share something more with him? Sara had seen those scenes, she probably would have felt much more secure — but, of course, she didn't have her Ti Vo set! OK, it sounds like you were really dehydrated there. [Laughs] The last time we spoke, you were planning to do without TV for a few months. Callies: It panned out very well; it was very peaceful.

(That decision to run out on Michael is looking pretty bad now, eh? I feel bad for you, that you might have been "lonely" this season on the set.She made it clear to him that a life on the run was going to really jeopardize her health, not in a trivial sense, but...the next time she has an overdose, it will probably kill her. [Laughs] "To run to Panama, with the two most wanted men in America?When the series returns, Sara will have moved on with her life after Michael's apparent death, and will be raising the child they had together with her sure-to-be-hated new husband, played by Royal Pains' Sara will team up with Lincoln to engineer what Fox is calling "the series’ biggest escape ever." Original series creator Paul T.Scheuring is returning to write and executive-produce the new series, which is scheduled to begin production in Vancouver in April.

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