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’ Also, if you think actors are self-obsessed, imagine actors at a show – lots of attention, praise and hot women everywhere bring out the humble side in everyone!It wasn’t just the guys I met who were the problem – the person they were meeting wasn’t really me either.That’s one thing I’ve learnt when it comes to relationships: there’s so much to negotiate once you really get to know someone that the beginning should feel easy and inevitable.Instead of making the public part of life easier, it was even more difficult.Now I actually had someone I cared about, which made me worry even more about protecting that person and our privacy.So I stuck to my old reliable ‘I’m dating’ without naming names, until journalists started rolling their eyes to my face.This standoff lasted for a while, but eventually more people found out and I kept getting asked to talk about it. Not saying anything wasn’t really working, but making an ‘announcement’ of any kind felt too big.I continued to say no, until I was told a publication was going to ‘run with it anyway’. I went on The Ellen De Generes Show, where she showed a picture of Peter and me, and I admitted that, yes, I was seeing someone – but in a panic I referred to him as Fred. A few months into dating, Peter and I planned a skiing holiday.

Backstage that night, we made small talk, and just as our names were being announced he turned to me and said calmly: ‘Want to hold hands?

But ultimately you’re going to slip and show your house the way it is on a morning when you’re running late for work or can’t find an outfit – and that’s a relationship.

Ultimately, everyone who gets close to you is going to see inside your wardrobe on its worst day, and their reaction to that is what will tell you if you’re going to make it or not. While true that our characters were siblings, I wasn’t sure why it kept coming up.

However, it wasn’t enough to make George say ‘Amal, schlamal!

’ or anything like that, and the weird dating years – and my difficulty explaining them – continued.

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