Paul jehle dating vs courtship

We finally moved about 45 minutes away from where we were living, buying a house in the country.

In one way it felt like a fresh start for our family.

The main reason I wanted to share our experiences with you is because they do not make for the typical textbook courtship story.

We were not blessed to have four parents mutually involved, and that especially applied to our fathers.

The thought of marrying someone who had been public schooled never really entered my mind; after all didn’t every guy who went to public school think I was strange for being home schooled and wearing dresses all the time?

Besides not believing in betrothal, (where basically the parents pick out the bride for the bridegroom), I had one other little problem.

My father did not attend that seminar, and furthermore, showed no interest in ever being deeply involved in the process of ensuring that his children would be equally yoked in their selection of a spouse .

To many within the conservative Christian community, an uninvolved Father is supposed to be the Achilles heel of the whole courtship process, effectively reducing it sanctified dating.

I would beg to differ, and I believe my courtship story bears this out.

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