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The thing about having that sort of control is that it makes it impossible to build any sort of lasting relationship. 2) If a man who once had that sort of control over you reappears, we probably just want to see if we still have it. If you’re unsure of whether or not you really are free, then when we come back, you need to run. Don’t be embarrassed, don’t try to prove to us that you’re free, just run the other way because you’re about to go through that same thing you went through all that time ago.

I wish we weren’t this way, but sometimes, some of us are.

If you’ve emailed me sharing your thoughts, and I haven’t got back to you, don’t worry, soon come.

The Acid Kuba Maduro is one of the latest additions to the Acid Blue line. The burn can be a bit uneven, but that in no way detracts from the overall experience. Disclaimer: I've only been smoking cigars less than 6 months, so if you're a cigar purist you might not like the infusion. Nice flavor and aroma, but I ended up with a pretty uneven burn.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone for downloading my novella Secrets Discovered In Memoriam.

The feedback has been amazing and I truly appreciate you all.

We want to know if that nonchalant confidence you exuded when you jetted off after briefly chatting with us when we bumped into you on the street was actually real confidence or the product of many-a-night spent practicing everything you’d say and do should you happen to randomly run into us somewhere.

Again, if this is why we’re coming back, it’s selfish and we might as well stay gone. Here’s a secret about some of us men I probably shouldn’t be telling. Many of us went through a period in our lives where our most valuable talent was our ability to exert an unhealthy amount of control over the women we were dealing with. The two things women reading this should take from this point are: 1) Never let a man have full control over you unless that man has married you.

Fellas, have you ever popped back into the life of a woman you’d been with previously?As men, I think we sometimes have to take responsibility for the damage we’ve done and respect the fact that our women are entitled to rebuild themselves in whatever way they see fit.We also have to be responsible about how we decide to return to their lives.In reality, we’re really great people – really – we are – our current girlfriends can attest – we really have changed.I’m sure that makes you guys feel great – knowing that you were the only person capable of bringing out the worst in us.

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